24 December 2008

Kami Bukan Rasis Dan Fasis


'Salah satu band yang bakal bermain pada gig ni (punkrawk freakers) pulak,The Liberals dibatalkan untuk bermain gig di Penang kerana desas-desus khabar angin tersebar mengatakan mereka ini rasis atau simpati pada rasis.Line-up asal mereka yang tinggal sekarang hanya Andax dan Ari.Drummer baru mereka adalah Khairul @ Spanky dari Civil Disorder/The FRU dan disertai oleh bassist baru,E-po.Cuba baca interview bersama mereka dalam Mosh isu 11.Kami selalu lepak dengan Andax,Spanky dan Ari ni.Mereka sangatlah okay,sangatlah bersopan-santun,pemalu dan boleh dikatakan menantu impian.Disebalik suka pakai jaket kulit tajam-tajam dan rambut warna-warni tu,aku percaya jauh sekali mereka ni bersikap pro-perkauman.Ingat,yang kita perangi bukanlah hanya nazi atau nazi-simpati tapi asasnya,sikap perkauman itu!'

*Kepada pihak umum: Bukan semua band punk adalah rasis. dan The Liberals sendiri bukan band rasis. dan kami tak perlukan simpati.


Anonymous said...

sian korang jadi mangsa salah paham..

yep !! we`re behind you.
the liberals bukan band rasis.

Anonymous said...

tapi camana gig di kuantan?
aku harap korang pegang apa yang korang cakap *Kepada pihak umum: Bukan semua band punk adalah rasis. dan The Liberals sendiri bukan band rasis. dan kami tak perlukan simpati.

jgn kerana gig tu korang menutup peluang korang utk main di gig2 hc/punk lain.

spt makhlok perosak, jika mereka tahu korang bermain dengan band malay power, sudah pasti mereka akan menolak utk bermain bersama korang.

maaf la kerana aku hanya guna nama anonymous. atas sebab2 tertentu

Anonymous said...

kenapa perlu salah kan liberal? mungkin mereka ada cara mereka sendiri untuk mengatasi masalah rasism ini. Mungkin pihak hc punk seperti kamu dan yang lain hanya tahu memboikot dan hanya tahu bercakap sahaja tanpa sebarang tindakan. Adakah orang seperti kamu ni berani satu stage dengan pihak malay power dan berdakwah kepada mereka? aku rasa tidak. Sekurang2nya liberal berani kehadapan dan menyampaikan mesej memerangi rasis di sana.

Aku rasa liberal ada cara mereka sendiri untuk memerangi isu rasis ini. Dan setahu aku, mereka sememangnya bukan band rasis. Kerana mereka sendiri dibawah komuniti Nervhous. Mungkin mereka yang diluar KL tidak tahu tentang mereka. Aku rasa lebih baik kalian bertanya secara face to face bagi mengelakkan benda ini berlarutan.

Anonymous said...

By having set up a guidelines - barring racism, sexist and fascist contents in your blog is one way of defeating your own purpose to promote anarchism. "No rulership or enforced authority” which has been practiced by anarchy has no longer relevant to describe what you are today.

This article is to describe what racism, or most of us prefers to refer to Neo-Nazism in Tanah Melayu are and common mistakes stamped in the minds of its followers.

To me and very few of us, Nazi is just a popular symbol or brand. Their product is their bloody survivals on rights to exist and exercise freedom in German, their motherland – and proven facts and history that they has demonstrate their capabilities to win over the hearts of million. That’s just all, simple and easy.

On contrary, similar ‘brand’, like KKK– which offers similar product, has failed to set foot in our shores, because they has no historical value to follow and makes example.

The best term to describes the differences within this 2 brands are that Nazism is a pure Nationalism and the KKK is a pure racism. Should there be any other successful survival brand existed prior to Nazi in modern history, you may found Nazi might become strange to most of us today.

The common mistakes made by critics and followers alike- is to consider Nazism is racist.

I shall put this blames to our local followers. They have acted like KKK and apartheid whilst they marching like a bands of SS, their dress, their emblems, their flags and anything resemble the Nazi. The most popular excuses used by our local followers is basic hatred against Jews – which perpetrated by our pioneer Nazi’s in 1930’s. This excuses goes in tandem with suffering experienced by our brothers and sisters in Palestine under oppression of Zionist Jews government. Thus, this considered a holy calling to becomes Neo Nazi by most of us.

However, they are failed to realize the reason that Aryans opposed the Jews in German back in 1930s. This solely because the Jewish greed, perpetrated by their banking merchants, money-lenders and other business arms have growing overboard and caused the social imbalance to the native Germans. The growing unrest has spread nationwide and attracted millions to join arms with Nazi party. After series of discussion, meetings and referendums with the Jews community, the only results that has proven is that Jews is full of deceits and treachery. So, from that day, Nazi becomes – the only political movement which 1st has promoted the final solution to the native – wipe out the rats (jews) and it was supported by millions of native Germans.

In our local context, Nazism is something relevant considered on how the immigrants treating the native in favor of their hospitality. Malays has long history of understanding and their hospitality is well known superb. They are the most tolerable races in the earth. However, for the past 50 years of our modern history, they are few attempts made by immigrants exchanging our hospitality with treachery and deceit in the name of freedom. And the threats are still imminent.

Nationalism now has being labeled as racist.

The true Nazi’st could coexisted with other immigrants, subjected that the immigrants have not go beyond the boundaries which has traditionally drew for them. They shall not question the native rights to profess its beliefs, its religion and any of its affairs pertaining which is considered too personal. The true Nazi’st shall response at violent or any level of arms struggle to in return of any provocation caused by intolerable acts or behaviors by the immigrants. This what makes true colors of Nazism, which only few of us were understood.